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  3. EU MDR Compliance is accomplished by demonstrating conformity with all relevant aspects of the Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017/745. Medical device manufacturers will need to demonstrate MDR Compliance of their products in order to gain regulatory approval for any medical device under the EU MDR
  4. MDR Compliance Simplified with AI Technology Medical device manufacturers or distributors are not necessarily big entities that can dedicate large teams to compliance. In fact, of the 27,000 MedTech companies in Europe, 95% are of small to medium size and most have less than 50 employees
  5. The European Medical Device Coordination Group (MDCG) has issued a new document covering key questions and considerations regarding custom-made medical devices in the context of Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) compliance. The new MDCG Q&A document identifies 10 key questions pertaining to which devices qualify as custom-made devices, or CMDs, as.

The deadline for ensuring compliance with the European Union's Medical Device Regulations (EU MDR) is looming. These new regulations are aimed at improving the traceability features and safety management of medical devices for sale within the EU. With less than nine months to go before the deadline, the countdown is on for medical device. The deadline for ensuring compliance with the European Union's Medical Device Regulations (EU MDR) is fast-approaching. The transition end date is May 26, 2020. The introduction of these new regulations requires medical device manufacturers to invest in technologies to enable and enhance traceability and safety management of devices made within the EU

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Nya EU-förordningen om medicintekniska produkter. EU:s nya förordning om medicintekniska produkter (MDR) började gälla i maj 2017, och övergångsperioden till de nya reglerna pågår till och med januari 2020. För att som tillverkare leva upp till MDR krävs proaktivitet och noggrann förberedelse The EU's Medical Device Regulation (MDR) was officially published on 5 May 2017 and came into force on 25 May 2017. The MDR will replace the EU's current Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC) and the EU's Directive on active implantable medical devices (90/385/EEC) The EU MDR entered into application on 26 May 2021. If you are a manufacturer, authorised representative, importer or distributor of medical devices in the EU, or a regulatory affairs or quality management professional involved with medical devices, you need to know how to comply. Click here for the latest consolidated tex

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GUIDANCE www.medtecheurope.org Page 1 of 16 Use of Symbols to Indicate Compliance with the MDR December 2019 Version 2.0 (replaces original version of May 2019) The Medical Devices Regulation 2017/745/EU ('MDR') has new requirements that ask for various kinds of information to be indicated on the label of medical devices products that integrate a medical device par t, compliance with the general safety and perfor mance requirements laid down in this Regulation for the device par t should be adequately assessed in the context of the marketing author isation for such medicinal products

MDR Article MDR Requirement Compliance Status Comment Annex XIII (1) — where applicable, an indication that the device contains or incorporates a medicinal substance, including a human blood or plasma derivative, or tissues or cells of human origin, or of animal origin as referred to in Regulation (EU) No 722/2012 One of the most common problems I see in the EU MDR space right now is the lack of rigor when it comes to the literature review process. Basically, the regulations call for a transparent and reproducible process. If you don't have a reproducible approach and an audit trail, for example, you really don't hit that bar. That can hurt you in an audit The European Medical Device Regulation (MDR) is a new set of regulations that governs the production and distribution of medical devices in Europe, and compliance with the regulation is mandatory for medical device companies that want to sell their products in the European marketplace Understanding the elements of MDR compliance and how to prepare (Financial Services) Discover more on the potential impact of MDR on your business. Learn more. Webcast: EU DAC6 Mandatory Disclosure Regime (MDR) Panelists discuss the latest in country developments, practical reporting considerations and navigating the COVID-19 impact Achieve MDR compliance in 8 steps: 1. Step. Check and confirm that the product is a medical device: Go to article 2(1) to evaluate if your product is a medical device based on the intended purpose and document the outcome in the technical documentation

Understand aspects of ISO13485 that are crucial to fulfil implicit MDR QMS requirements. Be fully equipped to audit your internal quality management system against MDR. Learning objectives. Completion of this course will give you the knowledge needed to update and assess your current quality management system for MDR compliance. Who should atten Medical Device Reporting (MDR) is one of the postmarket surveillance tools the FDA uses to monitor device performance, detect potential device-related safety issues, and contribute to benefit-risk.

To recognise the important role of standardisation in the field of medical devices, compliance with harmonised standards as defined in Regulation (EU) No 1025/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council (15) should be a means for manufacturers to demonstrate conformity with the general safety and performance requirements and other legal requirements, such as those relating to quality. MDR Compliance. Regulation (EU) 2017/745 is the new regulation of the European Union on medical devices for patient use. It repeals Directive 93/42/EEC, which concerns medical devices, and Directive 90/385/EEC, which concerns active implantable medical devices, on 26 May 2021. The new medical device regulation (MDR) was largely driven by the. EU-MDR Compliance The final check for compliance with the MDR will be performed by your Notified Body. After audit preparation is completed, and having successfully followed the roadmap, compliance can be assumed. Following the described structrural approach and planning will ensure compliance Moving Toward the Implementation Deadline - Approaching MDR Compliance. As we move toward the implementation of the Medical Device Regulation 2017/745/EC ( MDR ), industry reports indicate many companies still seem unprepared as they struggle to understand its requirements.1 In this blog post, PPD's Michelle O'Connor, senior director of. Predict Demand With Our Artificial Intelligence And Data Analytics Solution

What is EU MDR compliance? The EU Medical Device Regulation has established a unique device identification (UDI) system that is similar to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) system. If a company intends to provide or distribute medical devices into the EU marketplace, the labeling on those products will need to comply with this new UDI system Both the MDR and the IVDR require a person responsible for regulatory compliance (PRRC).. Some people also call them the article 15 person (after the corresponding articles in the two EU regulations) or the qualified person.. The terms person responsible for compliance with regulatory requirements (abbreviated to person responsible) and qualified or competent. The EU MDR 2021: countdown to compliance . 1-Dec-2020 . Packaging | Regulatory. In April 2020, when the European Parliament voted to delay the implementation of the EU's Medical Device Regulation by a year, some medical device manufacturers may have breathed a sigh of relie

Our team of MDR internal auditors have over 20 years' experience auditing medical device companies. Our work covers internal and supplier compliance audits and is carried out in accordance with ISO 13485:2016, MDR 2017/745 and MDSAP. We are also able to provide support during audits undertaken by notified bodies The MDR replaces the existing Directives for medical devices (93/42/EEC and 90/385/EEC). The Regulation on in vitro diagnostic medical devices, which also came into force in May 2017, will replace Directive 98/79/EC when it comes into application on 26 May 2022. Related content Eudamed Update: Implementation is Paused, MDR Compliance is Not. The new European medical device database, known as Eudamed, was originally scheduled to launch in May 2020, but the pandemic caused its implementation to be delayed two years, until May 26, 2022. However, that does not mean that compliance considerations are on hold Compliance with Post-Market Surveillance, Market Surveillance, Vigilance, and Registration of Economic Operators: This is an important area for manufacturers since they must still set-up and maintain a number of systems for the application of MDR

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Aug 27, 2021 legacy devices. In this specific moment where the new EU MDR 2017/745 is officially entered into force, the management of the so-called legacy devices play a fundamental role from regulatory standpoint. In this article we will explain what are the legacies devices and what are the maine requirements associated to these devices compliance or rationale for why this section is not affected . 2.2 The Technical Documentation MDR is a new legislation and for initial approvals, a complete submission with all the relevant Technical Documentation included is required even if the device was previously certified under the MDD or AIMDD Compliance that reduces operating costs. NiceLabel's next generation label management system helps you comply with EU MDR regulations while transforming your labeling processes to deliver real business value. Consolidate labeling systems and processes. Maintaining multiple labeling systems is expensive, not to mention time consuming

Guidance on Article 15 of the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and . in vitro . Diagnostic Device Regulation (IVDR) regarding a 'person responsible for regulatory compliance' (PRRC) Manufacturers. 1 (paragraph 1) Manufacturers shall have available . within their organisationat least one perso With the MDR, compliance documentation will include reports on Common Specifications and Harmonized Standards, which means that medical device makers shall provide data to establish that the device is in conformity with the basic safety and performance requisites including a risk management system that ensures an acceptable risk-benefit ratio, electrical safety, mechanical security. However, many medical device manufacturers holding those valid MDD CE certificates erroneously assume the EU MDR does not apply to them. Although the EU MDR was not especially clear about compliance applicability for devices holding valid MDD certificates, the release of MDCG 2021-25 (PDF) in October 2021 eliminated most of the confusion The GSPR is known as General Safety and Performance Requirements are listed in Annex I of EU MDR 2017/745 and EU IVDR 2017/746.They are similar to the Essential Requirements under MDD 93/42/EEC.. The GSPR has 23 requirements under MDR and 20 requirements under IVDR.The manufacturers who want to get their device CE marked have to comply with these requirements and should have sufficient. Qualifications of the Person Responsible for Regulatory Compliance. The Person Responsible for Regulatory Compliance, in order to be able to perform regulatory and medical device quality duties in a reliable and appropriate manner, should have the appropriate qualifications, which are clearly defined in the MDR.These include a degree in a relevant scientific discipline and experience in.

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MedTech Summit recently (Feb 2020) conducted one of the biggest surveys of its kind across medical device and IVD professionals around the world.This final report based on 265 responses reveals unique insights into the EU MDR and IVDR readiness of industry today as we head towards the key 2020 and 2022 deadlines, as well as the biggest challenges and how industry insiders are tackling them MDR, a new set of regulations effective from May 2020, replaced the Medical Devices Directive (MDD) and Active Implantable Medical Devices (AIMD) Directive, to improve consistency and increase patient safety. Compliance with the new regulation is compulsory for all medical device companies who produce and distribute medical devices in Europe Our MDR Compliance Service can help you comply with your country's cybersecurity compliance guidelines. Stores 365 days of data giving you details over time. Generates data from network activity as well as the devices connected to it ensuring that all data gathered is not tampered with

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  1. This article outlines the challenges medical device manufacturers are facing with EU MDR compliance and the availability of freelance CER writers そして MDR consultants as a solution.. Update 13 May 2020: The EU MDR Is now postponed to 26 May 2021 in light of COVID-19. This gives medical device companies more time to prepare for it
  2. Enhancing Quality Management for Compliance With the EU MDR. In order to comply with the EU MDR and align with guidance issued by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), manufacturers need to enhance their quality systems, and introduce new procedures for document storage, post-market surveillance, and risk assessments for their products, as defined in ISO 13485
  3. Requirements for Legacy Devices under the MDR as of May 26, 2021. On May 26, 2021, the Medical Devices Regulation 2017/745 entered into application. This brought many implications for medical devices manufacturers, regardless of the class. We have previously covered MDR topics, such as how to achieve compliance for Class I medical devices and.
  4. The EU MDR has laid out requirements that further obfuscate the labeling operations of medical device manufacturers. Now, companies will have to include more information on their labels than was previously required to remain compliant through to 2020. To read the full article, click here
  5. Class I Medical Devices: Achieve MDR compliance in 9 steps Classifying a medical device under Regulation 2017/745 (MDR) means taking into account its intended purpose and inherent risks. Like under the old Directive, Class I devices present a low risk to patients and end users
  6. ute webinar will discuss the recently developed regulation and its impact on the future compliance and registration of medical devices in the EU. It includes specific insights from direct involvement and.
  7. EU MDR Compliance and Regulatory Submission. About RCA Regulatory Compliance Associates ® Inc. (RCA) provides worldwide services to the pharmaceutical, biologic, sterile compounding, biotechnology, and medical device industries for resolution of compliance and regulatory challenges. Please complete the form to access the case study

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RAPS: EU MDR survey: Time investment, costs, and personnel resources; Easy Medical Device: What is the cost of an EU MDR project? Podcast: What is the true cost of the EU MDR? MedTech Insight: EU MDR Compliance Will Cost More Than 5% Of Revenues For Half Of Medtechs, Survey Say The EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR) has come into effect from 26th May 2021, after the 3-year transition timeline and an additional one-year extension due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The devices which are being launched in the EU market now must comply with these regulations and shall be CE certified as per EU MDR by the Notified Bodies. The latest MDR includes expanded linguistic requirements for industry content and thus can threaten to bog down your business. Further recommendations from the Medical Device Coordination Group (MDCG) are expected to be released in 2021, meaning even more for your compliance teams to absorb

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QualityMedDev has made available a GSPR checklist that will help you to ensure compliance of your devices and related documentation with the safety and performance requirements for the EU MDR 2017/745. This is a 50 pages word document, fully editable and customazible according to your need. The first page of the document provides some general. With the new EU MDR and EU IVDR, the industry is witnessing a dramatic increase in the cost of quality due to the high unpredictability and volume of work. The massive change in the regulations has significant implications for all the global medical device companies operating in the EU nations. Businesses need to tackle the high volume of work. Hello, I am trying to understand the timeline of labelling compliance to the MDR. I assumed all products that are available on the market need to have MDR compliant labelling after the 26th of May 2020. Now my colleague has told me that these devices, which were placed on the market in 2018.. The short answer is no, ISO 13485 is not mandatory for EU MDR compliance. However, the EU MDR regulation requires that you have a QMS in place, even though it does not identify ISO 13485 directly. To assist companies in understanding all of the standards that are applicable for medical devices in the EU, the EU has created a list of harmonized. MDR compliance for eHealth applications requires GDPR compliance. Simply put, MDR includes GDPR. GDPR applies to any company dealing with personal data of EU citizens. The regulation sets out a number of rights for data subjects, and is backed up with extremely tough fines (€20M or 4% of gross worldwide turnover, whichever is higher)

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  1. Prepare an EU MDR Checklist: Overview. Martin Witte from TÜV SÜD talks you through MDR-audit preparation. Harmonized standards aren't the best way to prove compliance. This does help a lot, but it's not mandatory for users of other methods
  2. e the regulation, assess the impact it will have on their own organization, and implement compliant processes and procedures accordingly
  3. EU MDR/IVDR Consultants. In the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, regulatory compliance is an ever-growing challenge. Explic8 specialises in regulatory affairs for these industries, having helped leading organisations across the globe to achieve and maintain compliance while driving business and financial outcomes
  4. MDR - Agreements with third party contract manufacturers. Europe 06.03.2020. The EU Medical Device Regulation, which comes into force on 26 May 2020, will lead not only to big changes in how medical devices are regulated, but also to more thought being given to agreements between a legal manufacturer (ie the entity placing a product on the.
  5. EU-MDR Compliance The final check for compliance with the MDR will be performed by your Notified Body. After audit preparation is completed, and having successfully followed the roadmap, compliance can be assumed. Following the described structrural approach and planning will ensure compliance

To implement an MDR compliant post-market surveillance system, the CMD manufacturer should establish appropriate communication channels with relevant healthcare providers/professionals or patients to receive feedback on the quality, performance and in particular the clinical performance and safety of the devices in the field I would like to introduce you to the CAPTIS EU MDR technology platform, which was developed keeping in mind the manufacturer's perspective for MDR compliance. Some key features offered by this technology solution include: Support for document lifecycle management. Improve collaboration via cloud integration Get your MDR compliance done right: explained in a less than 5 minutes read. Update May 2020: In regards to Covid-19, the European Parliament adopted the European Commission proposal, allowing the application of the Medical Devices Regulation to be postponed by one year until 26 May 2021

Alert Logic MDR empowers you to comply with the broad range of regulatory compliance requirements to prevent threats to security, availability, integrity, and privacy of customer data. These include: Threat Identification. Unauthorized Access & Changes. Viruses and Malicious Code Protection System. Vulnerabilities Incident Management Translation for EU MDR compliance. The European Union Medical Devices Regulation ( EU MDR) is now in effect. Manufacturers will need to comply with more stringent requirements for medical device labeling and instructions for use (IFUs). Medical device content must be translated into the official language (s) of each EU member state where the. EU MDR compliance. This blog is around a few key regions headed for MDR consistency. We have a few points that feature where organizations of various sizes and types fall with regards to the issues itemized in this paper by evaluating the difficulties they face Our MDR platform provides asset and application discovery, automated threat hunting, and on-demand incident response capabilities. Combined, these proactive cyber security practices help organizations control attacker dwell time, reduce overall cyber risk, maintain compliance, and streamline security operations

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  1. d, however, that surveys alone will not be appropriate for most implantable Class IIb- and Class III- devices due to the increased risk profile. The development of compliant PMCF Surveys is a complex process and requires knowledge of the MDR and its intent, as well as knowledge of the device technology and its use in a clinical setting
  2. Non-compliance with the EU MDR can result in product recalls, fines, and even loss of EU market access. With that being said, let's have a look at the general label and user manual requirements for medical devices under the MDR 2017/745. The following sections also provide information on what products these requirements apply to
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MDR identifies distributors, importers and EU authorized representatives as Economic Operators, each with specific responsibilities regarding verification of compliance, cooperation in complaint handling and field safety corrective actions, and cooperating with manufacturers and Competent Authorities in device traceability The EU Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR), which took effect in 2017, will become mandatory in all EU member states starting May 26, 2020. This has a raft of implications for pharmaceutical and medical device companies in the UK & EU While the EU MDR doesn't specify the conformity assessment route a manufacturer must use, most device makers will use ISO 13485:2016. However, compliance with ISO 13485 doesn't guarantee that a medical device will be fully compliant with the EU MDR Watch Now Get a better understanding of how an enterprise labeling solution can assist with your EU MDR compliance. For many medical device manufacturers, there is still some uncertainty about what data needs to be submitted to the European Database on Medical Devices (EUDAMED) to comply with the European Union Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR) The MDR requires existing ('legacy') medical devices to undergo conformity assessment to the MDR and to be CE marked anew, even if they have been on the market previously under the MDD/AIMDD (no 'grandfathering'). These devices will need to have their compliance with the MDR assessed by a NB, otherwise, manufacturers will no longe

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  1. Risk management has been a popular topic given expectations in the new European Medical Device Regulation (MDR). But regulatory compliance shouldn't be the main driver. Medical device manufacturers should manage risks methodically during each stage of the design and manufacturing process, including the concept level, according to Perry Parendo of Perry's Solutions LLC
  2. AKRN Scientific Consulting can assist medical device manufacturers with the demonstration of equivalence in compliance with the requirements of the MDR 2017/745 and following the MEDDEV 2.7/1 and MDCG 2020-5 guidance documents. Regulation (EU) 2017/745 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 April 2017 on medical devices
  3. With the replacement by MDR 2017/745 of existing rules governing medical devices in the EU, manufacturers will soon be required to reassess their products for compliance. An MDR conformity assessment procedure provides companies the chance of achieving the necessary certification required to place products on the European market
  4. MDR 2017/745 Compliance Definition. Medical device regulation (MDR) 2017/745 is the latest set of regulations that govern the clinical investigation, production, and distribution of medical devices in Europe. This regulation applies to medical devices that come into direct contact with humans (e.g., bandages, catheters, implants)
  5. MDR being fully applicable as from 26 May 2021, it is recommendable to take some actions to get ready for the transition in due time. This e-Book provides a 33-steps-guide toward compliance, envisaging what each manufacturer should target and address to get prepared for the transition, also in the light of the Brexit outcome approaching.. The Guidance to compliance with the MDR was updated in.
  6. EU MDR compliance 2 | EU MDR executive summary Icon Icon Icon Icon Impact / GAP assessment Prioritization & pilot implementation Implementation & Remediation Identify the effect of requirements on the overall product portfolio Identify key gaps, remediation needs and develop a compliance roadmap Conduct a pilot project identifying a comprehensiv
  7. ing the new Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017/745 (MDR.

The enforcement deadline for compliance with the Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR) is May 26, 2020. That deadline is looming large for everyone in the industry. That said, I regularly speak to individuals who express trepidation about this rapidly approaching date. They simply don't have the necessary documents and data prepared to meet the. EU MDR Compliance The European Union Medical Devices Regulations (EU MDR) replaces the Medical Device Directive (MDD) 93/42/EEC and Active Implantable Medical Devices (AIMD) Directive 90/385/EEC. The EU MDR includes a series of critical improvements to modernize the current system and streamline scientific progress that has occurred in the medical device space over the last 20 years In light of EU MDR requirements, manufacturers will need to update contracts if the agreement extends beyond May 2021. 5. Invest in a Reputable eQMS. Finally, consider leveraging a reputable eQMS. An eQMS system will make or break your quality management process and compliance with new EU MDR requirements Class II EU MDR regulation is just around the corner - why Class III compliance efforts provide a wake-up call. The spectre of EU MDR is looming large over the medical device industry in what is bound to be a continuous flow of new regulations coming down the pipeline for different types of medical devices in the coming years

Achieving compliance with MDR will naturally create labeling challenges for medical device companies. Companies therefore need to ensure their current labeling system is fit for purpose. But they need to do it soon. Although MDR will not be fully enforced until 2022,. EU MDR Regulatory Compliance If European market access for your medical devices is critical to your business, then so is sustained compliance with the EU Medical Device Regulation. QualityHub can build systems and documentation that will meet both European and US FDA expectations

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MDR Current Registration Requirements & Additional HPRA (Ireland) Registration Requirements. | Photographer: Daniel Frank | Source: Unsplash Required Actions. Despite the fact that the Actors registration module on EUDAMED is operational, economic operators should be aware that the MDR's requirements for EUDAMED will not take effect until six months after the Commission has given notice under. The Practical Guide to Post-Market Clinical Follow-up EU MDR Compliance Everything a Medical Device Manufacturer Needs to Know About Post-Market Clinical Follow-up The European Medical Devices Regulation (EU MDR) is now in full effect (as of May 26, 2021), which impacts any medical device manufacturer with plans to get devices approved in the EU as well as manufacturers with existing products. Taking the next step toward EU MDR compliance Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, or importer, you don't have to navigate the morass of regulations alone. Oriel STAT A MATRIX can provide training on the EU Medical Device Regulation, consulting on ISO 13485 , or specific EU MDR advisory support on compliance issues related to supply chain partners Compliance with the 'General Safety and Performance Requirements (SPRs)' is a cornerstone in establishing conformity with the recently published Medical Device Regulation (MDR). The SPRs are detailed in Annex I of the MDR. The SPRs have replaced the Essential Requirements (ERs) found in Annex I of each of the Medical Device Directive (MDD) and Active Implantable Medical Device Directive.

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The requirement for a periodic safety update report (PSUR) or post-market surveillance report (PMSR) is new under EU MDR and EU IVDR. MDD and IVDD had post-market requirements, but the MDR and IVDR requirements are more formal, and for most classes, these reports must be updated and submitted to notified bodies (NBs) on an annual or biennial basis To ensure patient safety, medical device manufacturers must establish and maintain quality systems to meet regulatory compliance requirements specified by the FDA, EU MDR, ISO, and other regulatory bodies.Adhering to regulations like the FDA's 21 CFR part 820 and ISO 13485 are key to your commercialization success MDR compliance. Regulation (EU) 2017/745 (EU MDR) is in force from May 26, 2021. It had become immediately enforceable as law in all member states simultaneously. The regulatory framework for medical device manufacturers having their devices admitted to the EU market significantly changed This research report from MedTech Summit reveals unique insights into EU MDR and IVDR compliance based on 256 survey responses from industry insiders. MedTech Report 2020: EU MDR & IVDR Compliance March 2020 Summary and Respondent Demographic